An Old Friend & I read “Garden Variety Porn”

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Garden Variety Porn

I listened to Portishead, enchanted by his

pearly-skinned fruit and tart tongue

long, bisexual body that was

excellent for bedding,

longing for mine! Marriage and children, and I still

give darker pink skin than most

attract a boy like this, androgynous – his sex with its

cranberry underside, so heat-loving and edible

wide tip, I told him, I told him all I wanted was to

open only at night, honey-scented, open to strong upright stems

relieve us both, bring us to the frenetic edges, then slow, slow…

bare-rooted, apricot colors fading

just a little, for a rest, then seep again and again into my

central star, making pale flesh blush red on one side

skin like wine, fingers grappling with my ass, my hip,

producing sweet sap stored in tissue round the base of the ovary

palms on each hip, pierced nipples under his tongue

developing into scarlet berries

buzzing from sucking and tongue-whipping my

swollen vermilion flesh.