Tales from the Blade / Papercuts in Progress


Come run with scissors and play with blades and Band-Aids with the wandering poet!

That’s me!

My art studio is restless and changes countries and continents every few months, it seems. From northern Japan to the Cotswolds to the Renaissance City. As I write this, my studio overlooks the rolling hills of the Chilterns just outside of London.

Check out my paper-cutting blog posts (below) if you love visiting artists’ studios and glimpsing behind the curtain of the creative process as much as I do.

My paper-cutting involves paper, of course, and scissors and blades and Sharpies and pencils and erasers. It also involves Photoshop, Inkscape, etc.

Cutting is only courtship. Little nips like kisses.

Everything I do begins its life as a god-awful sketch on paper. Then, hopefully, onto stage two as a slightly more attractive paper cut, and finally, onto Photoshop and Inkscape, where I fuck around with it to my heart’s content to create patterns, graphics, etc.

I’m promiscuous with my images, using them over and over, standing them on their heads, chopping their heads off, making them pose in all kinds of positions, lying other images on top of them, splicing a body onto another body.

In my posts, you’ll see all of my sloppy mistakes and my progress and epiphanies as well as the occasional blessed serendipity.

It’s so fun, I can hardly pry myself away.

I’m crazy besotted with this stuff. I secretly want to be a stencil-wielding graffiti artist mixed with Banksy and Twombly and a little Chagall and Gibran thrown in.

I’m working on creating pattern designs for textiles and creating a paper skirt….stay tuned for some epic screw-ups and confetti – it’s always cherry blossom season beneath my blade.

These aren’t tutorials really, but you’ll find some casual tips that I’ve learned along the way. I’ll add posts as I write them.

Right. Let’s vandalize some paper together.



June 2017:  My “Windblown Goddess” work-in-progress, with asides about wabi-sabi, outsider art, and embracing imperfection.