The footprints in our wall

Look at what we found when we excavated a fireplace from inside of an old stone wall in our bedroom yesterday….can you tell what it is?
It’s a 300 (or so) year-old brick with a dog’s paw print next to a human footprint! ✨ I’m going to keep this brick on my desk forever as a symbol of companionship – how their walk together has been Immortalized in local clay and preserved in our wall.

My dad and I were amazed by the resemblance of the paw print to a fleur de lys, symbol of the lily. In fact when Sean first showed me the brick I thought the designs were flowers! My dad said if we ever get a dog we ought to name him or her “Lily Rubble,” the lily that flourished in a pile of rubble.

We will, too, we’re definitely going to name our dog Lily in honor of this dog from the 1700’s, and in honor of my dad who has always been and continues to be my steadfast (human) companion in life.

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  1. Very interesting and cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jalina Mhyana says:

      Thank you! We’re glad you enjoyed it 😉


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