Sean’s cartoon diary of our home renovation journey

Sean just drew this cartoon of us discovering a floating fireplace that was mostly hidden in our bedroom wall!

While we’re drinking coffee in bed in the morning🔆Sean sketches little snippets from the previous day. It’s a visual diary.

Excavating the fireplace little by little

Here he shows us discovering the 18th c. (or maybe 17th?) fireplace mantel in an old stone wall in our bedroom- and us being astonished that the corbel and delicate sculpture on the right side of the mantel is still intact enough to repair. 🔨

Sean hauling stones and bricks from the demolished wall

This house never stops surprising us! The mantel is an 18th c. (could even be 17th c) hand-sculpted limestone beauty that was half hidden in a stone wall in our bedroom!

Hee hee, here I am in a dress and slippers on a construction site (ie: our home) and taking pictures for the blog’s worth more than our whole house. Imagine – a fireplace mantel worth $15,000 to $30,000 was hidden in our wall!!

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