The En suite (Plumbing Part 2)

Pipe not to scale!! We cut the old water feed under the stairs then ran our shiny new copper pipes up through the floor into our en-suite.

I’ve stuffed fluffy insulation under the new floor for soundproofing as well as warmth.

Now we have cold water running into the bathtub (and a toilet that flushes without a bucket!) I fill the bath with hot water kettles (about 15 per bath). Running hot water into the bath faucet is next on our to-do list.

It will be heavenly! Especially since the days will get cooler in the next few weeks…

We can now flush the toilet without having to haul a bucket of water upstairs! Hoorah! The tank fills of its own volition…

Our Jacob delafon bath. Extra long and comfortable.

Excited to line the walls with drywall and to build an enclosure for the bath now that it’s swaddled in insulation.

The bathroom is still very much a work in progress but we’re astounded that in 2 weeks we’ve managed to accomplish so much – especially since Sean isn’t a plumber (he learned the basics on work sites but he’s never been actually taught the trade) AND since it was so very difficult to create a network of pipes and tubes all throughout this huge ancient house — without any of the walls toppling or the pipes leaking!

Go Sean!!

In the near future we’ll also install an en-suite on the ground floor for the guest bedroom, and install a sink and a washing machine in the kitchen / pantry. Luckily these will all hook up to the pipes and tubes that Sean has already set up through the house.

So the hardest part of the plumbing adventure is over!

We will tackle electricity next..we have makeshift temporary plugs at the moment which are a godsend after a week of candles!

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