The En-suite (Plumbing part 1)

At the beginning of September we retired our pee-pee jar in favor of a toilet! We’re moving up in the world! The toilet doesn’t flush yet – we need to fill it with a bucket of water at the moment – but next week the copper “incoming” pipes will be installed.

This week the top priority was the outgoing pipe to carry waste away, downstairs, into the cellar and into the mains, the town sewage tank. No easy task!

It is all in the planning as they say….before all the fun of wrestling pipes through the house and down into the basement we needed a route that would be a catch-all for every additional pipe, cable, conduit, duct, etc. All neatly hidden from view.

Route chosen and away we go….measuring, sawing, gluing down and down until I am in the basement squeezed in an old cold-store cupboard with little elbow room and quick-setting glue. Thankfully our house has modern drains down there already….just around the corner from a medieval outhouse built into the basement. This house just keeps surprising us!

Our toilet finally in position!! – It will be in and out a few times as we work on the walls etc. It doesn’t flush unless we fill it with a bucket of water. Next week the incoming water pipe will be connected and it will be 100% functional.

We will line the bathroom with drywall pending the removal of these stairs (on the right you can see the diagonal underside of the stairs) – this corner of the house has a lot of water damage from years beneath a leaky roof.

It seems a shame to cover the stone wall but we have so many stone walls, we decided the bathroom would be best, at least for now, with dry wall. We excited to paint the walls and add pictures maybe.

Little by little….

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