Day 28

In which Sean constructs a table nook in the entranceway, we source a special chair & buy a new lamp

Our sorry-looking entranceway when we first moved in almost a month ago…not at all welcoming!

When we viewed the property on a rainy, dreary day in November, it made us think twice!

I mean…an old peeling heater or something? Not even a proper table. And the wall to the left chipping…

Not to mention the broken window covered in cardboard! Good god, really? But the ad read: “Not for the faint of heart” so we were determined to be very stout of heart and give the house a chance.

Sean’s progress today! He scraped the old flaking paint off of the metal thing, whatever it is, and off of the wall (exposing lovely stone beneath), and painted the metal base. We sourced a shelf from an armoire we’re not using (the same armoire we took apart to create the mirror which we hung to the left to hide the ugly electrical panel on the wall there) and Sean sawed and sanded the shelf into a smooth arc that looks so pretty. It seems like it came with the house.

Ta-da !

In the interim we also replaced the broken window with one we found in the attic and hung up window baskets full of colorful flowers. What a huge difference. In the near future we’ll source a proper window that fits, but for now this is a step up from cardboard!

It’s a welcoming entrance now. Hoorah!

Here’s the H&H chair we got for €15 on Leboncoin. What??!! Just €15? Truly a bargain for such a wonderfully designed chair. And it’s so comfy…

So here we are! The living room is still just a step above a construction site in many ways – there’s dust and rubble everywhere, the coffee table is made from bricks and the rear panel of an armoire, there’s no rug, the stone wall needs beaucoup work (lime rendering to give it a uniform white medieval finish), and there are tools everywhere…

But…it’s beginning to resemble a living room !! A very messy living room. What’s all that clutter on the table anyway? Where’s our set designer?!

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