Day 27

In which our neighbor teaches us how to treat our stone walls with medieval lime render

In yet another instance of neighborly thoughtfulness, the man who lives next door invited us over for wine (a dry peppery Bordeaux) and when conversation turned to renovating our house, he said he and his friend – the master stone mason and nuclear physicist who worked at CERN- would give us instructions for treating our stone walls with medieval lime render!


We can’t believe our good fortune.

This is the moat tower in our living room which has been treated with lime:

And this is the stone wall opposite the tower that we just uncovered from decades of wallpaper and plaster:

The difference is extraordinary! We can’t wait to try the lime render recipe.

To be honest we were really worried that this neighbor might be upset with us, seeing as we’ve been pounding and tapping at our shared wall for the past several days. We make sure to respect “sieste” from 12 pm to 2 pm and we don’t make noise on the weekends. But from 9:30 am until about 6:30 pm, we’re working hard.

If I were the neighbor, I’d be sick of the noise for sure. But at least were not using power tools!

I decided to give our neighbor a little thank you gift – kind of a joke gift – a vintage box from the famous Parisian Quies company. And what came in this little box?

Earplugs !!

Quies was the ancient Greek goddess of silence…

This is the wall we share – it took over 15 hours to uncover. Our neighbor will definitely need the goddess of silence to get him through our renovations the next couple of years!

After he gave us the lime render instructions, we left a little thank you note on his mail box with a drawing in which Sean and I have accidentally knocked through to his side of the wall and toppled his bookcase. In the cartoon Sean is saying : Do you think we can move out of town before he gets home?

Thankfully, he told us that he can’t really hear our pounding because there are actually two walls been our houses, not just one shared wall – and his side is lined in bookshelves.

What are the odds that we’re soundproofed on both sides? Blessings!

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