Our Quirky 300 Year-Old French Home Renovation Adventure / August 6, 2020, day 16: Bio pastries, opening up the entrance, and our very first sleepover at our new house!

The best way to start a day of demolition!

These pain au chocolat are from the bio boulangerie in Preuilly-sur-claise, which is just a short walk from our house, and which is only open twice a week. we were referred by someone at the Mairie, or town hall.

Just another reason to love our village. The bricks are from a modern wall in the entranceway that was gouged and scarred and just in the way.

It was so so wonderful opening the door this morning to this…

And this:

And I’m not being sarcastic! Haha. It truly was so wonderful to see our hard work and our vision paying off. To see the house so quickly becoming what we dreamed of. The ascendent stairs that draw your eye upward when you first step inside, the open layout, the sense of depth and light…

We can envision the house a month from now – a kitchen overlooking the living room with an L-shaped counter with stools, and behind it, before the guest rooms, a cute dining nook surrounded by stone walls …

Still no electricity or flushing toilet…

Which is totally fine because we’ve only been here two and a half weeks. We have water now but we need to buy pipes and hoses and such (tomorrow) to set up the plumbing. As for electric, we can’t apply for it until we have a French bank account (which we applied for today). We were given an estimate of 2 weeks to get the bank account set up, so at the worst, we’re preparing ourselves for 3 more weeks without electricity.

I’m astonished by everything we’ve managed to do without power tools! Without charging my phone, having fans blowing, or being able to make coffee, etc. I feel rugged!

It’s basically camping but with a roof over our heads. Tomorrow when we brave the 102- degree heat to buy the pipes, we’ll also get camping supplies : a camp stove, lantern, etc. We already got loads of candles which light our bedroom surprisingly well.

Today’s work on the living room / entrance

Welcome to our home! Our welcome mat needs a little work. Don’t break your ankle…
If you look at this picture small (or squint your eyes) it looks exactly as we imagined it… soon enough the rough edges will be gone and it’ll be a beautiful entranceway!
We love the industrial look of the front windows and how light it all is…this will be our view as we’re cutting veggies on the L-shaped counter in our kitchen! Minus the rubble…
Sean brought me dinner in bed – noodle salad. Just lovely on a hot work site day.

Tonight is our very first sleepover in our new house!

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