Our Quirky 300 Year-Old French Home Renovation Adventure / August 5, day 15: Knocking down walls to create an open living/ kitchen/ dining area & WE HAVE WATER!!!

Oh man today was a full day of renovation! No more getting distracted by road trips to Southern France or to IKEA or this or that. It was just full-on work today with no distractions except for sieste from 12-2 (which is such a lovely nap time)!

As promised, the water company showed up to “open” our water! Goodbye, pee-pee jar!

The Loches water départment has been amazing! And they match our geraniums! What’s not to love?
We have water! Or sludge? A chocolate fountain? Nope, it’s water…phew!

We’re going to have airs and graces now that we can upgrade from pee pee jar to toilet! We’ll be the envy of all our neighbors.

But back to the walls…

Knocking down an old pantry shelf in the kitchen area that had become mildewy and black with rot over the decades.

And behind the wallpaper, plaster and rot, some shoddy brickwork

The pantry shelves are on the other side of this wall

It feels great to do away with all of the mold and wallpaper. We’re fait excited about bringing the house back to its former 18th c glory before more modern inhabitants plastered over the gorgeous old beams and stone walls, smothering the house so it couldn’t breathe…

Removing all of the modern additions and paring the house back to rock and beam so it can breathe

It’s fascinating that the parts of the house that are over 100 years old are the most sturdy and well-built (painstakingly built), while the modern additions are all flaking away, molding, sagging (lots of thoughtless quick fixes)…

There is a lesson in that!

Stairway and strange indistinct curved wall covered in ugly plaster to the left by the back door

Ooh! It might be a curved stone wall by the back door!

Gently recovering the stone from the plaster

Now when you walk in our front door, the first you see is this lovely old curved stove wall & the staircase!

And this old wall by the back door echoes the stone tower right inside the front door. Why would anyone in their right mind cover these beauties with plaster and wallpaper?!

Plums from the house sit in Southern France! Our last taste of a glorious year

We rounded the day off with a pique-nique and a wonderful nap and headed back to the airbnb after 10 pm.

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