Day 14: Rain dances, writing on the wall, & the dreaded green room

Getting running water is a priority!

From everything we’d read, hooking up utilities was going to be difficult. Having the deed of sale for our house wasn’t enough. We’d also need a French bank account – but apparently you can only get one if you have utility bills in your name. We weren’t looking forward to battling a bureaucratic catch 22!

Maybe a rain dance would work? Special incantations under our faucets?

But thankfully none of that was necessary – I called the water company and – in French!! – set up a contract within half an hour. Easy peasy. All they needed was our attestation d’achat, our deed of sale. The woman I spoke with was incredible – she was patient with my French and good-humored to boot.

Sean wrote meter reading numbers and account numbers down for me while I was on the phone…

Then we braved the dreaded green room…

We have no idea what this room was used for. It’s so dark and moldy. We’re going to knock the wall down to let light flood in and we’ll paint it all white. Eventually the back part of our house will require a serious overhaul, but for now just eliminating the creepiness is good enough.

The green room is situated between what will be the kitchen and what will be the guest annex. We’re pretty sure we’ll eliminate the green room altogether and use the space for a second guest room.

It’s amazing to see light streaming into this room now! It was so dark and dank and horrid before.

And a bonus : while chipping away decades of old paint, Sean uncovered a beautiful stone wall about 2 feet thick!

So this leprous wall :

And this:

Became this :

Can you see the old wise man in the exposed stone?

And this:

Wow!!! This house just keeps giving us gifts…

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