Our Quirky 300 Year-Old French Home Renovation Adventure / We have our recycling center card!!

Hold onto your hats!

We received our card for the dump! On Sean’s birthday, no less.

This means we are officially part of the community and we can stop stockpiling stones, bricks, and all manner of demolition detritus in our skinny back yard.

To get a card, we had to send in an application along with our “attestation de achat”- our deed – and our card arrived a week later.

The water company required the deed too, and a photo of our water meter. We’re still waiting on the water but they sent a confirmation.

The electric company is the most difficult because they require proof of a French bank account, which we don’t have. We did loads of research and Credit Agricole is the one were going to apply to today. They have a branch for British expats which makes everything easier, while still being a French bank. And there’s a branch right in our little village.

We also need to deposit €250 just to open the account. Once we have an account number we can apply for electricity!

So we’ve had the keys to our place for almost 2 weeks, we have a dunno card, water will come on any day now, and hopefully electric won’t take too long.

Then we can tackle wifi.

Oh my, what a boring post!!

I’ll leave you with one of Sean’s (“Petit’s”) adorable vintage cartoons to ease the tedium.

Here we are at the recycling centre like we own the place

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