Day 13

Sean’s birthday & a full moon & our first candlelit nap in our new bed

Our beautiful ostentatious rococo Louis XV BED…

We bought it for a song online (Leboncoin)- a 200 year old bed the same price as some IKEA beds! A lovely couple living in an isolated village near the border of Spain and Andorra needed it removed…

Sean made the laths himself.

An IKEA run for a mattress, pillows, linens…we love mixing the old and new!

Portrait of our mattress as a cigar

Like our mattress

A serendipitous drive led us to the most delicious blackberries ever

French butter biscuits, blackberries & Greek yogurt

I’m certain our bed sneered when it saw the mattress…

Curtains for privacy

The breeze here is extraordinary on hot days….

Our first nap in our new home !

We didn’t realize it was a full moon until we drove back to the airbnb in La Roche Posay in the middle of the night…

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