Our Quirky 300 Year-Old French Home Renovation Adventure / Sieste nap breaks

Our new bedroom is becoming civilized! No longer just a work site! Good thing, too, since we want to be conscientious of the daily sieste from 2 pm to 4 pm, when all the shops close and the village goes silent. This is when everyone has a long lunch, escapes the mid-day heat, and naps. My mindset exactly!

The details on the day bed are exquisite

I have a hard time keeping up with Sean – who is bionic, I’m certain – so he built me this little lounging area out of an antique day bed we found at a local vide grenier (which is like a yard sale -technically it means “attic emptying”) for €40.

This is a vintage quilt Sean found at Emmaus for about €5 (Emmaus is like salvation army). The quilt is hand -stitched and the repaired bit has been sewn with the same pattern – we love objects that have been so gently and thoughtfully taken care of. It’s such an honor to give these treasures a second life.

The day bed came without a base, so Sean created one with random doors and bit of wood that were at hand. See how my bedside table is really the top of a door? And another door is propped up against one of the juliet balconies to give us privacy from the people strolling below, but to still allow the chilly breeze in and to let us cloud-bust from our cuddles.

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