Our Quirky 300 Year-Old French Home Renovation Adventure / July 30, day 9: Roadtrip to Southern France to pick up our furniture and hand over the keys to the house we’ve been looking after this past year

A hectic couple of days to end all hectic couples-of-days!

After picking up a moving van from Hertz in Poitiers, we headed to Emmaus (a huge shop like Salvation Army) in La Blanc, to get this Maisons du Monde chaise longue- like new – for just €40!

I love it so – it’s the perfect place to work! Except, of course, preferably not in the very center of a demolition site

I always wanted a “fainting” couch – a bed away from bed while I work on my laptop during the day (so I can be as cozy as I would be in bed but not feel like I never got out of bed).

After Emmaus, we drove over 8 hours to the property we looked after this past year in Southern France at the foothills of the Pyrénées.

We’d been dreading this – it was a frenzied 24 hours of packing, loading boxes and furniture into the moving van, and cleaning the property in mad heat on very little sleep.

We arrived late at night and worked like mad the next day looking after the garden, cleaning the house one last time, checking in with the lovely owners, etc!

Loading the van was like a game of Tetris
Looks like we forgot to put the steering wheel back

Thankfully, despite the chaos and exhaustion, we were able to take a moment here and there to pick plums, feel the sun on our faces in the garden, and say goodbye to this gorgeous property that nourished us and gave us sanctuary for an entire year.

Once the van was miraculously loaded (Sean was a BADASS), we drove 8 hours, slept in a layby with holiday makers in their caravans.(where I suffered a fibromyalgia/ chronic fatigue relapse- not fun), and drove back to the airbnb for another short sleep. Then we spent the day unloading the moving van…whew!!

But it was all worth it because we DID it! All of our belongings from my apartment in Italy (which were at the house sit with us in southern France this past year) are now in our new home, and we made good on our promise to give the house sit one last deep clean and hug before we came home again.


Aaaahhh it feels so good to say that!

In late August Sean will go back to England to unpack our storage container in Manchester and transport it to our home in a moving van (along with his Mum!!) but for now our new home is full enough.

It’s comedic – all of our belongings are heaped in the middle of each room under drop cloths, surrounded by hills of rubble, brick, stone…

See the prayer chair arm rest? We need that now! A praying chair!

But c’est la vie, a year ago we had no idea that we’d be moving to France, so considering how quickly everything came together, I’d say it’s been a really smooth process!

It’s so wonderful that we were handed the key to our new home a year after moving to France (a year to the day – July 22nd, 2019 we moved into the house sit!)

Serendipity !

Here we are a year before we received our keys to our new house (to the day!)—picnicking by a field of sunflowers completely unaware that we’d become home owners in France —on our way to meet the owners of the house sit for the first time

We’ll share much more about our year-long house-sit in Southern France later. It was a pivotal step in making our dream come true!

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  1. Emma Iiriti says:

    I’m reading them all but I especially love this Restoration Adventure post. You made it!! Home at last. Lots of Love to you both.


    1. Jalina Mhyana says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Emma! It’s such an adventure. I can’t wait to experience the next part of your adventure too! Lots of love right back💗


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