Our Quirky 300 Year-Old French Home Renovation Adventure / Drawing our village on the wall (and our neighbors ‘ names)

This is how we remembered our new neighbors ‘ names these last two weeks. Each time someone introduced themselves to us, we’d run inside, hunt for a pencil, and add their name to the town map on the wall.

Thankfully we have all the names memorized now, as the wall was demolished today.

Anyone we meet from here on out will forever be greeted as Monsieur / Madame.

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  1. William F Hack says:

    When I come to visit, I promise to work hard for two hours every day! Preferably during the two hours of quiet “siesta” time. I can be quiet for two hours, but it will be hard work. Congratulations on an astonishing amount of progress. You are building a dream castle, your Divine Sanctuary! Love, Dad


    1. Jalina Mhyana says:

      Dad, Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement! When you visit it will be much more of a sanctuary than it was when we bought it! The work has been fun and challenging – we’re addicted to it! We can’t wait for you to come be our master of sieste ceremonies!


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