Our Quirky 300 Year-Old French Home Renovation Adventure / Day 8, July 29, 2020: a stone wall and chandelier in the ensuite

In which we mix the old and new, the rustic and glamorous. Stones and crystals.

Today smells of vinegar and elbow grease. We Scrubbed the bedroom walls and floors and painted the beams and rafters with a white wash. I chipped a moldy plaster wall away and found a gorgeous stone wall beneath in the en suite bathroom ! Such happy discoveries around every corner.

People have asked about the chandelier. We picked it up at an antique flea market in Confolens last week for €40. I love the slightly tarted up Hollywood glitz feel of the chandelier, but it stops just short of glamor or chintz. I’m excited to find tiny antique white lamp shades to cover the lights.

I had a dream that I was at a checkout counter and there was a bowl of 6 white mini lamp shades. I thought, “Wow! What are the chances that they’d have the exact amount I need? Right next to the register?”

Speaking of the bathroom, Sean said we ought to splurge on a claw foot tub. He said why not? We’ve been thrifty as church mice these past 5 years – we never go out to restaurants or out for drinks, we rarely buy anything new, etc.

So we discussed and calculated such frivolity and came to realize that we can’t afford not to buy one.

Rationale for anyone wanting to buy a claw foot tub : €500 divided by 200 baths per year (a modest average) for 30 years (€6,000 baths) = 12 cents a bath! The price of a bath will never go up. You’ll never be expected to buy your friends a round of baths. You can indulge in 12 cents worth of pleasure even if you haven’t got a farthing in your pocket or a feather in your blanket.

And what’s more…it’s a Thing of Beauty.

Kind of like this :


A claw foot tub is one-thirtieth the cost of your morning coffee (if you buy morning coffee out, which we don’t). If you add up all the coffees out that we never bought, and all the money saved…

And anyway you can’t bathe in your recyclable coffee cup for the next 30 years.

I checked on Leboncoin, the French Craig’s List, and found these promising claw foot baignoires for sale.

Just €150? For a real vintage French tub?And maybe €50 worth of cleaning supplies and another €50 for an incredible faucet?

€250 divided by 6000 baths = 6 centimes ! 6 pennies ! 6 pence! That would be the most well-spent 6 cents anyone has ever spent. The photo of the dirty tub looked like my bath at the airbnb when I forgot to shower first – Sean joked that he would have to chip me out of the bath once the water “set,” since there was so much plaster and concrete dust all over me.

Random rubble from today…and white washed rafters in the bedroom!!!

Holy smokes ! We’re doing this.

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  1. Lori says:

    I love reading what you’re doing–it makes me feel like I’m there with you! Keep up the good work, kids!


    1. Jalina Mhyana says:

      Thank you!! We really want to keep track of the renovation process – it’s so fun! – but the blog is a bit slapdash at the moment 🤣


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