Our Quirky 300 Year-Old French Home Renovation Adventure / July 24, 2020: Day 3

Today we Finished knocking down part 2 of the wall between the bedrooms so we now have a spacious lovely (rubbly) master bedroom! We won’t move in for a month or so – we still need to paint, scrub, etc etc…

But wow!

I removed the old lace curtains from all of the windows which had become indistinguishable from lacy spider webs over the decades. It made a drastic difference. We also cleaned rubble, cleared old wisps of wallpaper, etc.

Also, we took a little detour to a neighboring village a little farther out in the country to buy a gorgeous mahogany buffet from a lovely family (we found their ad online on Leboncoin).

I also called the Louches water department and managed to sign us up for a contract in French! I was so pleased. The water company will send us a contract in a few days.

And……we got mail !!! That means this really must be “home!” If you put our names on an envelope, that little envelope will come straight through our door.


Demolition / renovation team sustenance! Notice how Sean used an electrician’s tool as a knife – clever!

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