Paper Moth Heaven

What would a paper moth’s heaven be? A lightbulb? I think so; good thing Sean is an electrician as well as an editor. He handles fragile bulbs all day and his thoughts follow even brighter incandescences. No wonder I singe my dreams against him every night, getting as close as possible.

I’m SO EXCITED about these T-shirts! It feels like Christmas. I’ll be traveling extensively for the next few months so I won’t set up shop just yet. I’m just building up inventory, testing out printers, comparison shopping…

Paper cut artwork is so fragile – truly like moth wings or lacewings. I love that each original cutting can be printed on note cards, T-shirts, tote bags, you name it. I can add to the designs however I like, I can repeat them to create patterns, or change the transparency, etc.

My images are my grown-up toys!

In fact, I just ordered special fabric paper from a camping supply store – it’s like cutting through clouds  – but it doesn’t rip! So I’m going to make a papercut dress for Sean, panel by panel, & sew the seams together. I can’t wait to see the play of light through the illustrated (cut) panels!

I’m no perfectionist so anything I create has ragged edges- even my hair, my nail polish, my boots – they’re all scruffy & well-loved. As Japanese tattoo artists do, I leave part of my designs unfinished – to pronounce my humility and human fallibility. I’m a huge fan of wabi-sabi philosophy.

I’m so excited that even when a papercut is “finished,” I can still play with the image for as long as I like – even if I’ve sold or gifted the original. Playing with black and white? Light & shadow? Creating designs on Inkscape, Photoshop? Being a pattern-maker? Aaaahhhh…..

This past couple of years have been the toughest in my life and I had no idea how I would make it through – but there have been so many gifts in that dark time – one of which is Paper Moth Studios and all the little friends and forests that appear from beneath my hands.
I’m so happy.

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