Homemade Make-Up (Chalk, Vodka & Coconut Oil)

Sean made his own make-up for a photo shoot this weekend. This property has thousands of these clumps of chalk (above) – just perfect for mixing with vodka and coconut oil.

I love that Sean is a handyman electrician by day, coming home with dirty gloves, sawdust in his hair, and a sweaty, stained T-shirt.

At night we work on our editing business, but by day he’s always got a tool in his hand; a drill, shovel, wheelbarrow, etc.

Or a whole tree.

His work gloves are trained to the shape of his hands. Under his gloves, his fingers are often wrapped in blue electrician’s tape. He plays Bach with bandaged fingers, quietly, his fingers clumsy and mute and sore. As his fingertips heal, so does Bach. The piano sings.


The Chiltern Hills are made of chalk. Friday night Sean brought chunks of chalk from the building site that were bound for the skip. They toppled onto our kitchen table.

We wrote love notes all over the walls and on the pavement with chalk, then Sean noticed it would make great theatrical geisha mask make-up.

We looked up recipes and here’s what we found:

1. Grind chalk to a fine powder

2. Add vodka & let dry (to help caking)

3. Mix with a little coconut oil if you want a cream

By Saturday all of Sean’s workman’s clothes are hanging on the line to dry in the back garden, and Sean’s face and neck glow pale with his homemade powder.

I love his transformations. New Instagram me, indeed!

His artistic self-portraits are becoming popular and well-loved by violin-makers, corset-designers, Parisian socialites, period gown enthusiasts, and lovers of the macabre.
I’m tickled that Sean trades a drill for a mortar and pestle and makes cosmetic foundation from the rock foundation of the house.

He’s so cool.

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