Laughter & Forgetting

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I’m pleased to announce that three poems and a lyrical essay of mine are forthcoming from some mighty fine print journals this spring! The poems “Mappa Mundi” and “The Weight of Prayer” have been accepted by the excellent Roanoke Review, which was co-founded by Pulitzer Prize winner Henry Taylor, and one of my most controversial essays – Laughter & Forgetting – is forthcoming from Cutbank, a truly brave journal that has published some of my favorites such as Wendell Barry and Seamus Heaney. 

In response to the acceptance letter, I wrote, “Thank god for brave journals like you!” (paraphrasing from memory) and Kate, the editor replied, “Thank god for brave writers like you!” I’m shocked and thankful that my extremely controversial essay found a home with incredible editors like Kate Barrett and Rebecca Dunham. I’m extra grateful because Laughter & Forgetting weighs in at a hefty 14 pages – that’s the most elbow room I’ve ever taken up in one journal before. Crazy!

Lastly, one of my poems on medieval superstition is forthcoming from the gorgeous journal Structo:

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Here’s a sneak peak at the journal’s proof of Laughter & Forgetting:
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 And here’s a paragraph from the middle of the piece: 

In a scene in Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, the narrator fights an urge to rape his friend. He thinks, That desire has remained with me, captive like a bird in a sack, a bird that from time to time awakens and flutters its wings. My hummingbird thrums its wingtips above my pelvis. It hovers as fast as I tell it to. The seven speeds, patterns of pulses. Morse code. The same message/ massage again and again. Dot dot dot DASH. Nonsense repeating itself, nonsense that spells out “Ha.” Just that one sound tapping itself out against my pleasure: Hahahahaha. My vibrator is laughing in code. The laughter helps me forget, makes me delirious.

The journal covers posted aren’t the ones I’m published in – my work is forthcoming so I’ll post the images of the journals when they’re hot off the press! I’m so curious to see the artwork and layout of the covers!

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