Rock paper scissors?

Papercut name rosettes

I’m very proud to dispel the myth of the rock, paper, scissors game. With my paper-cutting I go through about five to ten blades a day – all worn down and useless as butter knives through the sheer force of paper.

So next time I play that game and someone throws two fingers in my face, threatening to cut my hand in two, I’m gonna cut a meticulous design in my paper hand to blunt their glory.

Come to think of it, I once wrote a short story
entitled “Rock, Paper, Scissors” – I should go fiddle with it and use my editing blade to make it publishable.

I started taking paper cutting much more to heart last month as a form of therapy after saying goodbye to my girls in the US and flying back to spend more time alone in Florence, Italy. Well, not alone, but without my husband or my girls.

I created little name wreaths and medallions for my little 2nd cousins but then I enjoyed it so much, and people started asking for personalized paper art, so I’ve started an Etsy shop!

Please visit me at Paper Moth Studio.

At the moment I’m working on the website for Storia: Feed Your Book, my book editing and design studio. I’ve been overwhelmed with contracts, which is fantastic — but I need a partner. Then it dawned on me…

…like a lightbulb going off above my head… that my husband can join me. As a designer, photographer, electrician and all-around brilliant person, I told him that in addition to his regular book cover design work, he can also screw lightbulbs in the air over my head so I’ll never have a dearth of great ideas.

Update, March 2018: my husband and I are now living the freelance dream, editing and designing books together in Florence, Italy, for the thriving expat community, and for writers at large.


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