obliviousness is bliss


My older daughter & I snapchat constantly. This one makes me giggle, it’s so ME. I’ve never worn a watch, and the calendar hanging in my kitchen still believes it’s August in February. I’ve engineered a life for myself that doesn’t involve time pieces – a life that allows me to do what I want, when I want. This is priceless. I like to have my head in the clouds, in reveries, daydreams – to measure my days by sundials and the time it takes a shadow to reach the other end of a wall.

This is the perfect life for me – someone with panic disorder and chronic fatigue – because I am able to work on my own terms, location and time-independent. Some days I’ll work in a white heat for twelve hour stretches, while other days are punctuated with naps. Working as a freelance editor and writer has allowed me to embrace this lifestyle – a life where I can work in any time zone, in any country – whether I’m home in Italy or visiting my girls in Boston. I can do my freelance work from the beach, a cafe in Florence, on a train to Rome, or a hotel in Germany.

I also love looking forward to new projects every few weeks. I never know what kind of invigorating work I’ll be doing next. The element of surprise is perfect for me, a lover of scavenger hunts, jellybean hunts, hide-and-seek, and romantic gestures.

I just started a new freelance contract with a fantastic Irish author who’s writing a series of YA novels about saving the world – his novels mix fantasy and adventure, and explore little-known Renaissance artists. The novels are all about multiculturalism and self reliance, and feature strong female role models. Brava!

I’m so happy to be freelancing, I just thought I’d write a little something about it.

And here is a Mr. Magoo video, since I’ve always felt such a kinship to this silly ‘oblivious’ character. Though my head is in the clouds, and I wear a sundial on my wrist, everything seems to work out just fine…

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