our wedding announcement

Sean and I are getting married in Copenhagen on November 16th, 2015, in just a week! We’re driving north through Germany, a 2-day road trip that will bring us through our old home in Germany.
It’s an elopement that’ll take place in the lovely old city hall – but our real wedding will take place in the Scandinavian forest where we’ll kiss over a volume of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales and announce ourselves bewitched. 

The best wedding gift we’ve received by far is the news that my dad is flying over to celebrate our happy time with us in Copenhagen! I cried when I heard the news! My wonderful dad. And Sean is going to sew me my wedding gown the week before the wedding. He went to art college, so he’s a professional weaver/ tailor/ etc – he arrived in Florence yesterday with a suitcase full of organza and tulle! We have a sewing machine with us too…

What a whirlwind these few months have been! Ever since my daughter and I were deported form the UK in late August and took up residence in Italy, life has been traumatic and serendipitous in equal measure (though mostly just fantastic lately). Sean and I decided to expedite our wedding by a year or two so that my youngest daughter can legally live in England again asap. We went into full-on research mode to figure out the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to tie the knot.

Thank goodness for Copenhagen – so progressive and friendly. It was a challenge to come up with a quick and easy solution that was legal in the UK, the US, and Denmark. But we did it!! We really did it! Pardon me for saying: fuck yeah!!!!

I’m floating – not only because the red tape is mostly behind us, but also because I will be spending my life with this colossal soul who in every respect is truly a ‘gentle’man

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