love notes tied to my body

Just 6 sleeps until my love flies from Oxford to Florence to carry me across the threshold of four or five countries, then marry me. We’ll be in Denmark for a week before we get married, too – our honeymoon will come before the nuptials. Everything is in reverse, but who cares? It’s all lovely!

We, along with my lovely younger daughter, will take a road trip north through Bavaria – my beloved home for 5 years – all the way to Copenhagen where Sean will slide my grandmother’s art nouveau ring on my finger to replace my paper engagement ring (above). He proposed to me in a cafe near our art studio in the Cotswolds in 2014 by surprising me with a ring made of strips of paper artfully woven together with love notes written on each long wisp. It was an outrageous ring, a fluttery ring, a love note he tied to my body as he sat on bent knee with tears in his eyes. 

Of course I said I do, and I did, and I will

Update after the wedding (November 19th, 2015): We’ve had a poetic turn of events! Our wedding rings at our ceremony were even more humble than my paper engagement ring because my grandmother’s ring was still at the jeweler’s. So, Sean and I decided to make rings from wisps of fabric from my wedding dress – the dress he sewed from midnight to 5 am the night before our wedding on a sewing machine at the foot of our bed beneath the eaves. The floor was strewn with wisps of silken organza like a glorious bird had nested there and left feathers behind. 

A thousand diamonds couldn’t compete with these rings that came from a wedding gown sewn by my love’s own hand; these makeshift (‘shift’ being another word for dress – how appropriate!) wedding rings that attest to the fact that love is truly all you need.

                         We ‘tied the knot’ literally & figuratively (that pun is for you, Dad!)

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