my life in labels

I was skimming through the labels for my posts recently and was surprised to find that there were hundreds. They read like a long list-poem. A found poem. A poem with hundreds of labels tied to it. The labels provide an accurate map of my mind, and my life, from A to Z; aestheticism to Yeats, acrostics to wordplay. A perfect circle–a poem that eats its own tail.
abbeys, acrostics, aestheticism, affinities, agent, alcoves, altered books, ambidextrous poesie, amulet, an affair with the moon, ancestral spirits, angels, antiquarian books, antique glass, architecture, art, art history, artist, Ashmolean, atheism, Authenticity, Aylesbury,
Bacchanalian, Bacchus and Ariadne, balm, barefoot, Bavaria, bed, bed time, bee pollen, Bemelman, Bernini, bibliophile, birch bark paper, birdsong, blackberry picking, Blake, Blenheim palace, blind faith, blind niches, blindfold, blindness, bluebell wood, blurring, Bob Arnold, bodice, Bodleian library, body, body clock, bones, book, books, bookshops, Boston, botanic gardens, bower, braille, breasts, breverl, Buckingham, business, Byron,
calligraphy, Calvino, Cambridge Latin, Cambridge University, canoodling, Canterbury, Canto V, captain, castle, cathedrals, Chagall, chandeliers, chapel, charity shop, chateau, children’s stories, children’s story, Chinese, choir, Christ Church, christening gown, Church St and Prior’s lane, clarendon building, cobblestone, cocoon, coffee press, collaboration, collage, collection, comfort items, common prayer, communion, compline, Cotswolds, cottage, cotton, couplets, cream, cream tea, crown of thorns, crowned, CS Lewis, cuddle, cursing, cycling,
dante, Danube, daphne, darkrooms, definitions, delight, depression thankfulness journal, design, deucalion, diary, divination, Doisneau, doll, Downton Abbey, Dracula, drawing, dream analysis, dreams, dress in a box, dresses, drifter, drowning, drying wings, Duomo, dying breath, Dylan Thomas,
earth, ecstasy, Eden, edit, editing, editor, eggshell, ekphrasis, elegiac, embellishment, emblem, embrace, embroidery, embroidery sampler, Emily Dickinson, England, English antiques, ephemera, epiphany, esszettel, Evensong, excerpts, exegesis, exhibitionism, expat, eyelashes,
fabric writing, fairy dress, fallen idols, farmers’ markets, fate, feast, feathers, fences, fevers, figs to fill your mouth, figure, flock, Florence, flying, Foer, fog, fog horn, folded notes, folk art, Folly Bridge, footpath, fort, found poetry, four leaf clovers, fragments, France,
garden, Gardener’s Arms, gaze, genius, Georgics, German coffee, Germany, ghosts, Giorgione, Giotto, Goblin market, god, god-like, gold, goodnight stories, gossamer, gowns, graffiti, grotto,
hand-drawn maps, handmade masks, handwriting, heart, heart balloon, heart beats, Henry Miller, Hesse, hibernation, hidden notes, hiding places, Hirsch, History of art, Hoarce, Hofstaedter, holy, home, home décor, homeland, honesty stands, honey, horseplay, hot water bottle, humming, Hundertwasser,
idyllic, illicit, illuminated manuscript, illustration, imagination, indiscreet, infatuation, Inferno, ink on fabric, inscription, insomnia, intimate,
jalina, james dickey, Jericho, journal, journaling, Julian of Norwich,
keble college, kettle, kindness, kiss, kissing, kissing shadows, Klimt, kneeling, knot, Kundera,
La Commedia, lamentation, Lands’ End, language, Larchbourne, Latin, Latin roots, laughter, Laurence Sterne, Laurie Kuntz, Le Ton Beau de Marot, legible, Li-Young Lee Liam Rector, libraries, library, lies, linen, lion doorway, literary agent, London,  love, love notes, lullaby,
Madeline, maenad, magic, Mainz, make up, make-believe, manna, mannequin, manuscript, maple syrup, maps, marginalia, Mark Doty, Mark Twain, Mark Wunderlich, Massachusetts, massage, meaning, medicine, medieval, melancholy, memoir, memories, memory, mentor, mentors, metamorphoses, Mhyana, migraine, Milosz, minster lovell, mirrors, monks, moons, Morai, Mossery, mother, Mother Mary, Munch, museum, music box, 
Nabokov, naked souls, Naomi Shihab Nye, nest, nettle, niches, night, nightgown poems, nomad, Norman architecture, nude, nude modeling,
OED, old books, old fashioned letters, old journals, Old Testament., Old Tom tower, oneness, Ovid, Oxfam, Oxford, Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford Literary Festival, Oxford University, Oxfordshire,
panic attacks, paper, paper art, paper lingerie, papercut, papercut art, parchment, Paris, parish churches, pastime, path, peppery red wine, perfume genius, petals, Peter Pan, photographs, photography, pilgrim, pilgrimage route, pillow, pillow book, pinpricks, Plato’s bedness, play, player piano, poems, poetic meter, poetic voice, poetry, poetry MFA, poetry reading, poetry submissions, poets, Pompeii, praise, pre-Raphaelite, preachers, pressed flowers, prose, Prosody, psalter, pubs, Puglia, punting, pyrrha,
Rackham, rain, reading at the Blake exhibit, recumbent, Reims, renaissance, research, resonances, rest, rest cure, restorative cures for Jalina, revise, revision, rhyme, Richard Feynman, Rilke’s unsayable, rings found in nature, ritual, Roman style, romantic, Rose, rose trellis, Rossetti, Rothschild, royal mail, runner roots, ruskin,
saints, salve, sanctuary, scarborough, Scarborough castle, scavenger hunt, Schiele, Scotland, scraps, Sean Quinn, secret, seed, self-portraits, separation anxiety, Sheldonian theatre, shipwreck, shroud, sin, siren song, sketch, sketchbook, sketched angels, sketches, sleepwalkers, snail shell, Soho, soul, soundplay, spillings of sky, spirit, St. Francis, St. Michael & All Angels, stained glass, stars, statues, Stoker, Stoneleigh burnham, story, story dress, stream of consciousness,sugar water, Summertown, superstition, sweet little comforts, sweet nothings, swoon, synaesthesia,
talisman, tangle, tattoo ring, tempers, tempura, textiles., Thames, Thames river, thankfulness, The book of laughter and forgetting, The Book of Thel, the boy and the dove, the eiffel tower, The Kiss, The Naked Bosom, the sound of rain, The twig and tower, the winged seed, Thomas Jefferson, Thoreau, threadbare paws, thyrses, tipsy, Titian, topography, Transcendentalists, Tree of codes, trees, tribe, trullo, tumbleweed, twinned poems, Twombly,
under buzzards, Unluckily for a death, ut picture poesie,
Valentine’s, Velveteen teddy, Venetians, Venus, Vienna, village, Virgil, vision and prayer, visionary, vulnerability,
Waddeston Manor, Walden, Walden Pond, Wales, wands, watercolor photograph, white noise, white space, Whitman, Wilde, wind, windows, wings, Witney, wonderful, word count, wordplay, words, wordsplashed hut, working in my pajamas, worldwide, woven, writers group, writing, writing in bed, writing in the dark, writing on clothing, writing retreat,
Yeats, Yorkshire,

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