fairy rings

  My eldest daughter gave this snail shell “ring” to me during a walk along an Oxfordshire footpath. If anyone pokes my finger it will curl back into its little house and not come back out for a long, long time. And whenever my pinky does something (like scratch my nose), it will do it very…

lace, cotton and pinpricks

I’ve been teaching myself how to sew clothes for a while now, but my attention span is so short: I’m always left wishing I had only one arm and one leg. Everything must be duplicated, which I find difficult. I can write for 12 hours straight, day after day, but writing with thread, in three…

days measured in millimeters

Sean is a creative wonder. He made this incredible Japanese box and the dress hidden inside of it. Imagine buying dresses tucked so lovingly away? After he graduated from art college some of his textile work was modeled on the catwalk. I love the care he put into every detail. He used to be a weaver, so he’s…

whipped like cream

Having fun with Sean’s dresses – whipped like cream in a ceramic bowl, dizzy and sweet.  

paper cuts / paper dolls

I created these hand-shaped bookmarks (hands full of paper cuts) to climb the rungs of  excised prose in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Tree of Codes (an altered book created by cutting sections from the book Street of Crocodiles – the result is a surprisingly beautiful poetic pastiche). I posted this in my old Tumblr blog and decided to share it here….