the seat of dreams

My beloved bed, where I spend most of my time, usually surrounded by journals feeling very much like this Rackham lady (below). Like Nabokov, I’m supremely drawn to being recumbent and to stashing notes beneath my pillow. I’m awoken by the thud of books falling to the floor when I roll over in the night (my daughter Lvov sewed the bottom quilt for me….it’s her portrait above my bed on the right. Opposite my bed is a collage from my oldest daughter). I bought the antique wardrobe when I moved to Oxford as an homage to CS Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” His house is now a museum just a mile down the road from where we lived in Oxford that year. Now we live in a different part of Oxford, less than a mile from where JRR Tolkien once lived. 
I love her books. The spines seem so soft, like blankets. Or wings. 

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I spend most of my time in bed, too, but it is not THAT bed. How romantic. So lovely and musty in the best musty way not a smell but a feeling I have just walked into the shop of wonders.


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